My Family Essentials is dedicated to the education of essential oil usage for your family in place of or in conjunction with pharmaceutical medications.  So many of us are looking for alternatives to our current choices and while modern medicine has it’s place, sometimes it’s overkill.  Have a migraine?  Take a pill laced with caffeine.  Since now you can’t sleep you will need to take another pill to aid the insomnia.  It’s a vicious circle and yet  we have been trained to believe that our only options come from a doctor’s office written on a piece of paper. Essential oils are not something new or a passing fad.  It seems that the Egyptians were the first to use essential oils for medicinal use as well as the Chinese and Indian’s.  In fact, distillation pots were found as far back as 3500BC.  During the dark ages, we lost the tradition of using oils as medicine and it’s only been recently that we are rediscovering the benefits of  their use in healing. Thank you for stopping by and please join us for weekly posts on our blog.

Essentially yours,